Permanent Make-Up
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Enhance your brow & eye zone with permanent make-up — just two sessions will reframe your face and save you time every morning.


We offer an array of permanent makeup services. We'll discuss the option that will work best for your goals and skin type uring your consultation.

Microblading is a semi-permanent form of cosmetic tattooing. But unlike traditional tattoos, which use a tattoo gun, microblading uses a blade-shaped tool with a row of tiny, barely visible needles to create hair-like strokes along your brows while depositing pigment into your skin. Microblading is only good for normal to dry skin type.

Microshading — Combines hair-like strokes with powder brow shading to create brows that are both natural, fluffy, and defined. This innovative technique is ideal for those who want a little more pop than just microblading and it is exceptional at blending uneven brow hair density. Ideal for most skin types.

Ombre / Powder Brows — Ombré or Powder technique creates pixilated dots to mimic powder filled brows with no harsh front or outline. The healed results appear like softly shaded brow pencil or powder. Ombré brows are great for any skin type, unlike microblading, which is not suitable for those with oily skin. Ombré is a painless procedure with little downtime, ombré heals more quickly. It mimics the look of filled in brows, without all the effort each morning.

Mini Microblading — A semi-permanent pigment deposited onto the skin with fine hair-like strokes, using a handheld tool that lasts 1-2 years. The mini Microblade is a smaller version of our larger Microblade treatment, if you only need to do a very small area. E.g. the tails of the eyebrows or the front part etc. *touch up is not included

Nanoblading — Nanoblading technique used to create the illusion of hair. The procedure involves hundreds of tiny strokes that build a texture that looks like your own eyebrow hair. With this method we can create almost any look: from a very natural light finish to a beautifully bold brows. Absolutely painless. It lasts longer than microblading (up to 18 months), as the special machine application makes the strokes more resilient.

Permanent Eyeliner — Classic Eyeliner is a semi permanent treatment you can receive that replaces the need to wear eyeliner each day. Semi Permanent eyeliner involves using a tattooing technique to apply ink along the lashline to create the appearance of fuller lashes. Eyeliner tattoos can be applied in a variety of styles, from extremely thin and natural-looking liner, to thicker lines, and even winged eyeliner.

Lash line enhancement — Lash line enhancement is the shaded liner alongside the lash line which make your lashes appear fuller, fill in the gaps and help the eyes pop up more.


How long does PMU last?

PMU can last on the brows typically 1 - 3 years before people need a touch up. Most people like to have a touch-up somewhere around the 18-24 month mark. Those who do not follow post-care instructions may have to touch-up sooner. 

Does PMU hurt?

We use a numbing cream to alleviate any discomfort. However, having this service during a menstrual cycle may sometimes increase slight discomfort. 

How long does it take to heal?

The healing process is comprised of four stages, typically lasting 4-8 weeks. First, there's hemostasis, which lasts a few days. Then you'll experience a few days of inflammation. Then comes proliferation, when the your skin is working to develop new tissue. With maturation, these new tissues gain maximum strength. This is the final stage of healing.

How long is the appointment?

The first session is around 2.5 hours and touchups are 2 hours. 

Can I schedule a consultation before the appointment?

Yes, all PMU sessions start with a complimentary consultation, which you can book here.

Your prices seem high, why am I finding cheaper options elsewhere?

Permanent make-up is a meticulous procedure and results can vary artist to artist. Remember this is your face, so it does matter who you go to, and this is not a service to skimp on!

Our artists are certified and insured and have performed PMU on hundreds and hundreds of clients, We do not perform corrections at Wink, and if your PMU service is not done correctly, it can be more costly to fix with PMU removal. 

Is PMU permanent, like a tattoo?

The color will be put into the upper dermal layer of the skin so it is considered semi-permanent. It cannot be washed off. Because it is non-invasive, it will fade over time and will require touchups. Your first touch-up (~6 weeks after your PMU session) is included.

Will you draw on my eyebrows / eyelids first so I can see what it'll look like?

Yes, we will not start the PMU application until you are aligned with the selected color and shape.



"Your time is precious. Knocking off fifteen minutes from your daily routine can come a long way when you have kids to shuffle out of the door or you have to look your best for that important business meeting. When in a rush, an eyebrow mistake could set you back an additional 15 minutes and that just won't do."

- Umbreen Sheikh, Founder

xoxo Umbreen


Book a 15-minute consultation so we can better understand your goals, talk through options, and answer any questions you have about PMU.

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