About Us

Peace and Embrowerment™ to all. We believe in equality, liberty, and inclusion for all.
We aim to provide a welcoming place where everyone can feel safe and accepted.

Wink’s Mission

When I first started Wink Brow Bar, I wanted all my clients to feel empowered through the best threading technique and the power of brows.

I believe that groomed brows, great lashes, and fresh skin around the eyes can make the biggest difference to a person’s face. Wink Brow Bar is all about the eye zone!

We’ve evolved to give our clients a dedicated place to go when in need of expert services for brow and eye zone treatments. I want everyone to come to Wink to achieve their full potential via their eyes.

xoxo Umbreen

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Umbreen craved a high-end threading experience in NYC but found none. Frustrated, she launched Wink in 2014, a haven for threading with a focus on education and perfect brows. By championing threading over waxing, Wink quickly became NYC's insider brow destination and a leader in the industry.


Umbreen, a brow expert, noticed her clients craved knowledge alongside their perfect arches. Inspired by their desire for beauty empowerment, Umbreen launched the Wink Promise. This four-pronged approach ensures client happiness by prioritizing education alongside high-quality brow & eye treatments.


Wink personalizes your beauty experience. We begin with a detailed consultation to make you feel comfortable and empowered. Our technicians focus on brows and eyes, but educate you on all Wink services and homecare, from brow powder application to microblading. Wink makes your "me time" a pleasure, every visit.


Giving back was always important for Umbreen. For more than two decades, Umbreen has always been very involved in Women's Empowerment. Currently, she is an advisor for the Asia Foundation's Lotus Circle, which improves the lives of women across 18 different countries in SouthEast Asia.

Wink Brow Bar's Embrowerment Foundation utilizes services to raise funds to suppport people in need and also provides free services to raise money for relevant causes. We focus on mental health, wellness, gender based violence, entrepreneurship and more. We empower people to look and feel their best and step forward feeling powerful enough to take on the world.