Bold, Beautiful Brows for All.

We believe every pair of brows is as unique as the face they rest upon. Wink is here to help yours be their best, so you can be your boldest.


Meet Umbreen

CEO and founder of Wink Brow Bar, Umbreen Sheikh has cracked the code of brow care, making beautiful, empowering brows achievable for everyone. Come check it out for yourself!

Suite of Services



Our signature, organic-thread treatment is a breeze. Fast, natural, and subtle, threading doesn’t damage or irritate skin (like tweezing), and is perfect whether you’re looking to dramatically reshape or just tune up your brow game.


Tint adds pop, shape, contrast and thickness, casually creating a whole new range of brow and lash possibilities. It’s amazing how much difference a little color makes.

Brow Extensions

Bring out the best in your natural brows with subtle extensions.


Waxing & Sugaring

Sugaring is waxing’s gentle, organic, and natural cousin that uses a sweet mix of lemon and sugar to comfortably remove hair, leaving sensitive skin unscathed. Or choose traditional wax for a fast and simple hair removal experience. Let us know your preference when booking your service.



Looking to ditch the eyebrow pencil? Our painless microblading technique uses a teeny-tiny blade to deposit colored pigment just under the skin’s surface, creating a long-lasting and confident brow.


Lash Lifting

Subtle touch, noticable results. Bring out the best of your lashes by giving them a boost with our lash lifting technique! Lashes typically last for a good 9-12 weeks.


Cleanse, exfoliate, mask, and massage for a refreshing glow.

Lash Extensions

Bring out the best in your natural lashes with subtle extensions


Refinery29 visits Wink!

Refinery29 article

Leeann Duggan, Style features editor, refinery29

“First, I sat down with Wink founder and CEO Umbreen Sheikh for a consultation. Umbreen regarded my brows with an expert's appraising eye, like a jeweler peering through a loupe. Held in her wise gaze, I felt compelled to confess my sin: "I overpluck," I said helplessly....”


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No brow extensions, eyelash extensions, or Ultrawink Facials available at this location. Please see Brooklyn or 406 6th Ave locations.

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