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Our Founder



"My mother had always told me that Brows were very important in your appearance and to look groomed - and never to touch them! She had shown me that Threading was the best way to keep them looking great. I have always done it myself- and my entire generation above me only threads, including my Grandmother, who passed away at 96 and was still threading to the last days!" - Umbreen Sheikh.



Wink is an American based company, whose mission is to offer Premium Beauty that is non- exclusive and be the Authority in all Brow Services, through its Essential products and Services offered in it's NYC locations. Wink leads as the Threading Authority. 

Wink opened it’s flagship store on 7 Greenwich Avenue in the West Village NYC in October 2014 after Umbreen (@Umbreen_Sheikh) couldn’t find a clean and sanitary threading place in Tribeca that she would want to go to.Wink gained became really popular very quickly and today as you can see from all the press we have received over the years. 

Wink is proud to have provided services to Hundreds of Thousands of very Happy Customers at it's Wink Locations. 

For Homecare, Umbreen believes everyone should have access to the best services and products, and that the company should be responsible for providing high quality products with a guarantee.

Wink believes every Woman's essential items are a great Brow Product, a great Eye Cream and a Lash Fortifier.