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"PEACE AND EMBROWERMENT TO ALL" - Umbreen Sheikh, Founder

Embrowerment. For Wink, that’s not just a catchy phrase, it’s our core brand ethos.

What started as a single luxury threading studio – a decidedly revolutionary idea in 2014 - in New York City’s West Village, has now expanded to a not-so-mini, dual-country empire of six Wink Brow Bar locations: four in Manhattan, and one each in Brooklyn and London.

Founded by UK native and licensed cosmetologist Umbreen Sheikh, Wink literally put organic brow threading on the map. As an alternative to waxing (imprecise and skin-irritating) and tweezing (time-consuming and way too easy to overdo), Wink’s organic threading is hypo-allergenic, lightning-fast and laser-focused. Featuring a proprietary thread coated with an anti-bacterial lining, it targets every. last. hair. – even those teensy weensy ones that are too short to be grabbed by wax or tweezers.

Yes, we’re All Things Brow. But because we believe so strongly in beauty as an immersive, head-to-toe pursuit, we now offer killer custom facials, hair services at our Cobble Hill Wink, and a tightly edited, essentials-only range of natural, plant based skincare. One by one, we’ve been adding all the services and products our insanely busy, embrowered clients need to look and feel at the absolute top of their games.

Our services include:
  • Organic Brow Threading
  • Brow Tinting
  • Brow Extensions
  • Lash Extensions
  • Keratin Lash Lift
  • Microblading
  • Custom Facials


The #BossLady of Brows, London-born / New York-based Umbreen Sheikh is on a mission to embrower every woman she comes in contact with.

A second-generation cosmetologist, Umbreen learned the ancient technique of threading from her mother, who owned several London salons. In transferring this centuries-old knowledge to her curious, capable daughter, little did Umbreen’s mother know that she was setting the stage for a brow-centric beauty empire.

Of course there were plot twists along the way, namely Umbreen’s decision to attend University at King’s College London and obtain a degree in Biomedical Sciences. But it was a post-University move to Manhattan that would eventually bring Umbreen, full-circle, right back to brows.

After marrying in 2003 and relocating to New York with her Financier husband, Umbreen spent time in the publishing world, as the PR Director for a niche magazine. Simultaneously, she was starting a family of her own. By 2011, she had two children. And once her tots were securely tucked away in school for most of their day, Umbreen knew it was time to get cracking on her career.

But what to do?

Like all visionary entrepreneurs, Umbreen started with what’s known in the biz world as a Need-Gap Analysis. What product or service was she – and busy, demanding, like-minded women just like her – missing?

It wasn’t long before Umbreen landed on next-level organic threading as the ultimate unmet beauty need. By 2014, she’d developed the concept for Wink Brow Bar. And ever since, she’s been in full-on growth mode – adding locations, services and products at breakneck speed. Seguing from luxury threading studio to immersive beauty brand, today’s Wink is covering all the bases.

In addition to caring for her family and running her business, Umbreen is heavily involved in philanthropic endeavors. As a committee member of Developments In Literacy, she has helped educate 27,000 Pakistani girls. She is also a Lotus Circle Advisor for The Asia Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to advancing the rights and opportunities for women throughout Asia.

Umbreen resides in New York City with her husband and family.