A semi-permanent way to make eyebrows appear fuller by gently depositing pigment into the skin. Please find below more information on our exclusive microblading service.


Our client had been undergoing chemotherapy, and had keloid scarring preventing new hair growth. After 2 hours with our specialists, she walked out with perfect brows - no redness, no fuss, just a natural, lasting look, ready to go.


Create your brow strand-by-strand with life-like brow strokes applied directly onto the skin. Results will last for up to two years (includes optional perfecting session within two months of initial treatment). Perfecting session after 6 months. The perfecting session is not included if the microblade is discounted.

Full Microblade
Partial Microblade
Perfecting Session

*Perfecting session within 8 weeks.


A non-refundable 50% deposit is required to book the treatment. The final payment is paid after the first treatment.


Please note prices do not include tax and gratuity. Tax is charged at 4.5% and gratuity is recommended at 10%-15% of treatment price.


All appointments adhere to our store cancellation policy and we require a credit card to book. Late cancellations after 24 hours or no shows on complimentary consultations, incur an additional charge of $50.


Please allow approximately 2-3 hours on the day of your treatment. We will have you fill out a form prior to the treatment and take several pictures to track your progress.


We will create your brow strand by strand with a brow pencil that is removable, to achieve your desired brow, taking into account existing brow shape, facial structure, and how you feel. Once we decide on the brow form, we look at the color for your brow. We will customise the color from pigments made with certified ingredients.


There is no downtime, however the brow will take about two weeks to fully heal. The brow may appear darker than you are used to for a few days, then will lighten into the desired color within two weeks. Please follow aftercare instructions and return for the perfecting Session (included in the price of the Bespoke Brow treatment) within two months. Between the initial treatment and the Perfecting Session, you may experience peeling (typically noticeable only up close) and fading of the brow. This is natural and part of the treatment process. The perfecting session will build on the color that has already been absorbed into the skin.


We will advise you on after care and products to use. Use a q-tip to apply to eyebrows. Do not pick at the brow when the color starts to peel. To be certain color is not compromised, please avoid the following for one week after treatment: sun exposure, saunas, excessive sweating, and brow makeup. Avoid the following for two weeks: swimming and facials.

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